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The common octopus (Octopus vulgaris) is the most studied of all octopus species. Its range in the eastern Atlantic extends from the Mediterranean Sea and the southern coast of England to at least Senegal in Africa.

Sea lion attacking octopus

Seal Vs Octopus On a dive underneat a pier in Victoria, Australia, I came across a juvenile Australian fur seal attacking and eating a large octopus. The seal would grab an arm of the octopus and.

Ribbed sea squirts

The Painted Tunicate (Clavelina picta) is a species of sea squirt (tunicate) in the genus Clavelina (known as “little bottles. It is found in the waters of Florida, the Bahamas, and the Caribbean.

Coconut Octopus   (Amphioctopus marginatus)

Amphioctopus marginatus, also known as the Coconut Octopus and veined octopus, is a medium-sized cephalopod belonging to the genus Amphioctopus. It is found in tropical waters of the western Pacific Ocean.