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a black and white photo of a woman with her hands on her chest, looking off to the side
Peter Lindbergh
Image by Peter Lindbergh. I like the use of low key lighting and how the black background blends the subject in, high lighting the hands and face features. The use of white brightens the images and blurs the background out, creating a fading effect across the face.
a woman sitting on top of a window sill in front of a cityscape
jordenkeithphotography: “Jorden Keith Photography ”
a person jumping into the water from a waterfall
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an old man sitting at a table with food in front of him and bottles on the wall behind him
Η Μαρίνα Καραγάτση φωτογραφίζει την Άνδρο του 70 | LiFO
Marina Karagatsi. Tavern in Gavrio, Andros 1977
a man riding a bike down a street next to tall buildings on either side of a puddle
Reflejo en el Born | Joan Vendrell
"Barcelona Street Photography - Joan Vendrell"
a black and white photo of a person walking down a road with an umbrella in the dark
A white way. by Makoto Saito #fineartphotography #photography
* Foto Kids, Fotografi Urban, Andre Kertesz, 동화 삽화, Custom Bike, Jolie Photo
El Fotógrafo invidente
a teddy bear hanging from a clothes line with no strings attached to it's sides
Brings such nostalgic memories
two small children ride in an amusement park
Henri Cartier-Bresson 1959
Henri Cartier-Bresson 1959
Sebastião Salgado. Grand Burhan 1991 Kuwait Minas Gerais, Micro Computer, Photographic Projects, Documentary Photographers, Monochrome Photography
Sebastião Salgado. Grand Burhan 1991 Kuwait