un pueblo de libros

Altered book spines as a city row of French houses/businesses. Le village de livres by Marie Montard I would do this with beach houses.

Paso a paso la lectura nos lleva a vivir muchas aventuras

I think this is a good picture that symbolizes books. It is like a path of knowledge (books). It is the journey that you will go through!

Affiche pour la biblio ? Plus

you could do a library display with a large cutout of a kiddo, use real string and then make "book covers" out of pieces of cardboard covered with paper and labeled with famous titles.awesome "ish" library display, great for start of the school year

Entre lecturas

Elisabeth Zartl is a freelance illustrator and writer from Austria who has a great interest in experimenting with art, photography and language. Her illustrations are blends of fantasy characters with fair tale landscape.

¡Feliz Día Internacional del Libro! | El Blog de Educación y TIC

¡Feliz Día Internacional del Libro! | El Blog de Educación y TIC

La importancia de la imaginación

If you want your children to be intelligent, read them fairy tales - Albert Einstein. "Into the Book World" - illustration by "moffs"

libros naturales

angelicexplosion: Knowledge is the key by Marine Loup (http://booksandsugarquills.tumblr.com/)

This would be a great new tattoo. Knowledge is the key Art Print by Marine Loup

"En este sentido", dijo el Gato, volviendo la pata derecha, "vive un Sombrerero. Y en esta dirección", señalando con su pata izquierda, "vive una visita March Hare quiere a quien tú quieras, ambos están locos."    "Pero yo no estoy loco", comentó Alicia.    "Oh, no se puede evitar", dijo el Gato, "estamos todos locos aquí. Soy un loco. Estás loco."    "¿Cómo sabes que estoy loca?" Dijo Alice.    "Debe ser", dijo el Gato, "De lo contrario, no habría venido aquí."    Lewis Carroll

Color Illustration: Cats Reading Books // hmmm, i think i may need to create a new board - "critters n' books"