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Butoh, Dance of the Dark Soul

Series of simple "fixed" portrait type clips of facial/body gestures of what is happening in the "moving" visual story Butoh, Dance of the Dark Soul

An original Japanese Performance Artist whose work is rich with Passion, Grandeur, Madness, Drama and a dose of macabre' horror....

2010 Kazuo Ohno was a Japanese dancer who became a guru and inspirational figure in the dance form known as Butoh.


Essays death enkidu images The Cause of Enkidu’s Death As the world continues to evolve and advance in knowledge and time, one thing remains the same: the world’s first literary work

Kira flies Jen to safety after escaping Garthim soldiers in the Dark Crystal.

When Kira jumps off the cliff with Jen and suddenly her wings appear! Jen asks why he doesn't have any wings and she explains only girl gelflings have them .