Cut on solid lines; fold on dotted lines.

Shaped Gift Box Patterns Great to learn about nets. Challenge/extension, develop own net to form a box.

Love this idea!  Inexpensive gifts?  Cute party centerpieces?  I feel like the possibilities are endless here...

hummm with babies breath for centerpieces? or any other type of beautiful whimsical flower would do as well. Just put glitter in the water?

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Easy and Creative DIY Gift Wrap Ideas - Newspaper Wrapping and Roses - Click Pic for 25 Gift Wrapping Ideas for Christmas - Amazingly DIY

Gift bags made from newspaper

Gift bags made from newspaper?Nah I don't care about making the gift bag but you might and that is cool. I will buy some colored bags, but I like the doily idea on top. Cute treat bags or holiday gift bags.

Hot air balloon craft

Recycled craft :Hot Air Balloon Craft Tutorial using a CD and newspaper rolls

Valentine DIY card

2 ý tưởng thiệp Valentine ngọt ngào độc đáo