Gorditas de Chicharron: never get tired of these. Deliciosas, I used to eat them all the time as a student back in Mexico!

Gorditas de Chicharron: these are what real "gorditas" look like (not the fake Taco Bell stuff). Made from Maseca, fried or cooked on a grill, fill them up with whatever you like and make them chubby. My mom makes the best ones ever!

Tamales de Oaxaca

The Seven Wonders of Oaxaca

SAVEUR contributor Peggy Knickerbocker discovers the secrets of Mexico& famous mole sauces.

Enchiladas estilo Michoacán

y arriba MICHOACAN! Last pinner said:"Enchiladas estilo Michoacan! OMG these are heaven!

Zamora Michoacan Mexico

I remember a bakery from near the univ. There were big metal trays with tongs that you selected your breads/ cookies

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