Teje un chaleco de lana cruzado

cabled vest/cowl - *Inspiration* this one is knit but you could easily crochet this so pull out your favorite scarf pattern and get to crocheting. You may need to adjust the width of the scarf. Once your scarf is long enough, wrap it around yourse.


This is a very popular 3 Button Wrap Kit we sell in a wide variety of colors & yarns. The wrap can be worn in many different ways depending on how you button any of the large natural coconut buttons. Contact Devvy Knit Wits for more info.

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English abbreviations translated into Spanish alt = alternate = alternar approx = approximately = aproximado beg = begin(s)(ning) = i.

Patron en Español para Chaleco Cruzado Tejido en Dos Agujas Capa corta Capa de Hombros   Bufanda Multifuncional

Shawl Cross Vest Capelet Neck Warmer Stole Multifuncional Knitting Pattern Transforms easily on Etsy, €

poncho rosa rosa suelta tejer poncho funda de verano por ileaiye

Pink poncho, rose pink loose knit poncho, summer cover up

blue turqouse poncho, sky blue, pale blue, loose knit poncho, summer cover up

poncho Poncho de Lila cinta poncho de verano suelto por ileaiye

Lilac Poncho / Lilac ribbon Poncho by ileaiye on Etsy