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Zona de descanso en altillo en estudios y mini-pisos

Inspiring little desk space under a bunk bed for a kids room / desk set: the decorating dozen / via dorm room idea

Ikea Kura bed transformed in 160x70 bunk beds with shelves #ikea #kura #ikeahack #bunkbed

Ikea Kura bed transformed into bunk beds with shelves // Love that geometric wall! All you need is a sharpie and a yardstick Zie ook de ombouw achter het bed ter bescherming van de leidingen daar.

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Include a soft rug or carpeting where the textures and surfaces are comforting and good for curling up with a book or puzzle or simply playing on the floor. Consider adding some big throw pillows near the bookcase [if you have one].

polka dots, stripes and chevron (grey and white)....<3 these three together for one of the girls rooms

Not Gray but a brighter color. polka dots, stripes and chevron (grey and these three together for one of the girls rooms

40 Cool IKEA Kura Bunk Bed Hacks | ComfyDwelling.com

One kallax storage for books, mat, pillows, some lighting, maybe some of the decals. Maybe old blue curtain permanently affixed to side.


Future gift for Severus. IKEA kitchen with DIY upgrades to be used for imaginative play, and learning fruits, veggies, baking, and cooking.

Kids room in low key colors. Love a neutral backdrop to all the crazy colors kids stuff tend to have. By *Emmas verk* - Boligpluss.