The Sea

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an oil painting of the ocean and rocks
Mirrors in the sand by Robin Hall
a painting of a sunset over the ocean with a sailboat in the foreground
Ivan Aivazovsky | Romantic painter
► Ivan Aivazovsky
the sun is setting over the ocean water
Ocean colors.
a painting of the ocean with clouds and moon
Paintings I Love
Moonlight (Maanlicht) ~ oil on canvas, artist: Rita Camphuijsen
an oil painting of the ocean with waves coming in to shore and clouds above it
Henry Newell Cady
Henry Newell Cady (1849-1935) Beach At Sunset, ca. 1890’s 104 notesSimerenya
a man riding a snowboard down the side of a snow covered slope next to the ocean
the colors if the beach and the skies in combination make my heart swell to the size of a beach ball
two people walking on the beach with surfboards under an overcast sky at sunset
a man riding a wave on top of a surfboard in the ocean with waves
your hearts a mess
roll with it.
the view from an airplane looking down on some clouds and blue water in the ocean