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a woman leaning against a wall next to a dog and another person looking in the mirror
sabias palabras
a poster with words written in spanish and english on the side of a white wall
#Citas , el que no hace nada, es el único que no se equivoca!
Sometime in a beautiful place... Inspiration, Recovery Quotes, Quotes, Inspirational Quotes, Yoga, Meditation, Picture Quotes, Instagram, Positive Thinking
Sometime in a beautiful place...
a card with the words small steps every day on it
Small steps every day..
an image of a man smiling with a quote in spanish above it that says,
Para ser un guerrerp uno necesita ser ligero y fluido..
an image of a person laying down on the ground
footprints in the snow with a sunset behind it and a quote from jaca dayy
Seguir adelante
a sign that says no desres para manana los besos que puedes dar hoy
Besos y mas besos...
the words are written in black on a green background
Seguir adelante y vivir nuestro momento...
a close up of a flower with words in spanish on the bottom right corner and an image of hearts above it
Darse la oportunad de intentarlo
a black and white poster with words in spanish
La vida está hecha de momentos
Tropezar y aprender
Tropezar y aprender