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Transformando una vieja falda en un bolso "vintage"
Bolsos creado a partir de retales de tela para Fallera y bisutería reciclada.
Bolso fiesta confeccionado de retales.


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two people standing in the water near each other
a chair sitting on top of a beach next to a tripod near the ocean
two brown chairs sitting next to each other in front of a shelf filled with bottles
Salón Moods, Valencia
an empty hallway with a chair in the corner and lights on either side of it
Salón Moods, Valencia
the salon is clean and ready for customers to use
Salón Moods, Valencia
there are many stairs with red lettering on them
Escalera motivadora. Gym Bailamos, Massamagrell
an office with black and white stripes on the wall, leather chairs in front of it
Expositor a medida
an empty salon with black chairs and lights on the ceiling, along with large mirrors
Salón Toni & Guy, Valencia
there are three black chairs in the store
Salón Toni y Guy, Valencia
the front desk of a hair salon
Salón Toni & Guy, Valencia
an office with pink walls and white doors
Gimnasio femenino, Bailamos. Massamagrell
the salon is clean and ready for customers to use
Tocadores a medida, proyecto en colaboración con Dass Proyect
two mirrors are hanging on the wall above a small table in front of a door
Proyecto recibidor cálido
a white sink sitting under a large mirror in a bathroom next to a walk in shower
Baño a medida
a white bathroom with two sinks and a shower stall in it's center area
Mobiliario de baño a medida