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Papafragas Beach (Milos, Greece) was made out of volcanic eruptions destination. Looks purdy, soooo wanna go

Quinta da Regaleira | Sintra, Portugal

Bottom of Quinta da Regaleira - Sintra, Portugal-Inspiration for staircase leading up to the peak of the garden wall at Castle Darkwood

Bahia - Pelourinho

The Historic Centre of Salvador da Bahia is extremely rich in historical monuments dating from the through the centuries. Salvador was the first colonial capital of Brazil and the city is.

Mission Inn - Riverside, California

The Mission Inn, Riverside, California.this is only one of the fabulous doors at the mission inn.a wonderful sight to see!


Praia do Farol da Barra (Salvador - Bahia) ... click to see full size!

Capoeira Bahia/Brasil

Brazil - capoeira in Salvador & Northern beaches region