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Oh, dang.

Another reason why Harry Potter is Better than Twilight. Whenever I see things saying Twilight is better than Harry Potter, it seems as if they get more and more pathetic. Just like the Twilight fans.

I don't really understand these things. Even if Harry was sorted into Slytherin or whatnot he'd still look exactly the same? There is no rule saying that all Slytherins are blonde and scary looking and physical traits do not, and should not, change a Hufflepuff into a Gryffindor or even sway the Sorting Hat's decision in any way. << I hear what you're saying but I'm not understanding it. I'm focusing on hot Ron looks as a Ravenclaw. <3 Guess we just take the good looking ones…

So, a few things. Hermione looks adorable in Ravenclaw. What the crap is up with Harry's eyebrows in most of these? It's blasphemous for Ron's hair to be anything but red. HELLO SLYTHERIN HERMIONE O_O

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Funny pictures about Rupert Grint Talking About Kissing Emma Watson. Oh, and cool pics about Rupert Grint Talking About Kissing Emma Watson. Also, Rupert Grint Talking About Kissing Emma Watson photos.

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To bad that's not Crabbe but Goyle they're talking about, even more unfortunate that it's Blaize zimbini not even the same character.


If Hogwarts' dress code was a little more lenient.requiring the gray skirt, white shirt, House robes & tie, but allowing you to do anything else with it. I'm a griffindor but my fashion choices for each House.<<<<<-------- Either Ravenclaw or Slytherin.

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From the Quidditch world cup poster to The Marauder’s Map, one hundred graphic art works from the Harry Potter films have gone on show for the first time for muggles to enjoy.