Triste, mais vrai.

Yes, yes you can…

Roaches are so cute that i just want to ste on them with my shoe and put it in a paper towel than flush it down the tolite! Do you have roaches? I'm going to sleep like the bunny.

There's no limit to Photoshop...

If only there was one where that cat was close to hurting another cat, Warriors style,


How to pass time on the train. these are hilarious! I wanna be friends with this person!

Cars and Their Faces

Cars And Their Faces

Cars and Their Faces // glad I'm not the only one who sees faces in cars.

Simply Clever.

Simply Clever.

Duas medalhas, uma pelo merito ee a outra caso ele perca a primeira

I look fabulous!!

i love cats. i love sunglasses. i especially love cats IN sunglasses.

Jeremy Renners really nailed the look

Just smile and wave boys.Smile and wave Avengers / Tom Hiddleston / Robert Downey Jr / Jeremy Renner

Kitteh Xmas

funny cat meme with a picture of a black cat looking up at the christmas lights on a tree with the caption it's so shiny I must murder it Tap the link for an awesome selection cat and kitten products for your feline companion!

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