Yo asisto a la clase de ingles a las once y cuarenta de la manana los lunes y los miercoles.

Educational infographic & data visualisation The Visual Guide to English Prepositions Part (Infographic). Infographic Description The Visual Guide to

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Types of weather with pictures learning English

English vocabulary: different types of weather. For classroom activity, give kids a mini pack of weather cards. play sounds or show other pics asaociated with one of the weathers. Kids can hold up the correct card to match the correct term to the weather.

Free printable transportation flash cards. Download them in PDF format at http://flashcardfox.com/download/transportation-flash-cards/

These cards can be used for a variety of activities - naming attributes, compare & contrast, or even articulation

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Questions words are used in asking questions. These words in English are also known as wh-words because they include the same two letter.