Publicidad Original

Selección de ejemplos de publicida original y diferente, divertida, con frecuencia llamada Marketing de Guerrilla o no convencional.
50 Pins
multiple pictures of different types of train cars
The Internet's Most Asked Questions
Creative Truck Advertisements
a woman holding a piece of chocolate and a comb in her hand
Don´t forget - Colgate. We love this! #dental #oralhealth #guerilla
two pictures of people tied to the side of a boat, one with a face on it
Mondo Pasta Slurps at Sea
Clever advertisement for noodles, guerilla advertising, outdoor marketing #streetmarketing
a crane is lifting a can into the air
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➰Ambient. (I) #ambient #outdoor #advertising
there are many cars parked on the side of the street and one is spraying red paint
The Six Best Billboards Of The Last Six Years
The Six Best Billboards Of The Last Six Years
an escalator with yellow caution tape on it
ads Nike
a bus that has some kind of animal skin on it
122 Must See Guerilla Marketing Examples
Guerrilla Marketing – Creative Attention Seeking #4 - Copenhagen Zoo
two pictures of a person opening a door with a beer bottle in front of them
122 Must See Guerilla Marketing Examples
Guerrilla Marketing - Creative Attention Seeking - Tyskie
a man standing in front of a sign that reads publicad que sa saldemar la diferenciaa
Get Real with Caribou Coffee’s Ad
Get Real with Caribou Coffee's Ad
Sugestivo anuncio de Viagra... Man Cave, Wall, Shelf, Advertising
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Sugestivo anuncio de Viagra...
cars driving down the road under an overpass with signs above them that read camel highway monuments
Pubblicità fatte bene: 40 esempi intelligenti.
Mosqueante anuncio de Yahoo en la India.
a man standing in front of two urinals with his arms up and one arm raised
Así te verán si te apuntas a nuestro gimnasio.
a man standing in front of a white wall with black and white tiles on it
50 Awesome Guerrilla Marketing Ideas
Para mantener ocupado al personal y que no se dedique a otras cosas más que a las propias del aseo...
a blue fire hydrant spewing water on top of green grass
Gatorade. Realmente refrescante.
a banana sitting on the ground in front of a subway station with words written on it
Mucho más original que el típico díptico...
several stacks of magazines stacked on top of each other
The Internet's Most Asked Questions
"La vida es demasiado corta para trabajos falsos".
a mercedes badge is hanging on the hood of a car with a yellow sticker
¿Quiero y no puedo? ¿Quedaría bien en el carrito de la compra?
two men standing under a painting on the ceiling
15 Powerful Anti-Smoking Ads
Techo que hace de vergüenza pública para los fumadores.
two benches in the middle of a park
Nike - Annie Chiu
Banco para deportistas... ¿y para vagos?
Marketing de guerrilla en las afueras de un campo de golf #marketing #guerrilha #creative Golf, Golf Swing, Golf Equipment, Golf Irons, Golf Player
Buena Publicidad on Twitter
Marketing de guerrilla en las afueras de un campo de golf #marketing #guerrilha #creative
an open elevator door with a hole in the floor
18 Creative Elevator Advertisements | Inspirationfeed
Ideal para que la gente, asustada, 1) suba por la escalera y 2) hable del sitio donde está el ascensor desfondado.
a man is holding onto the handle of a bus with two watches on his wrist
50 Most Creative Advertisements!
¿Le gusta cómo le queda el reloj? Pues venga a la tienda a comprarse uno de verdad.
an escalator with two people drawn on the floor and one person walking down it
Consecuencias de una decisión.
a billboard with a roll of tape on it
DUCT TAPE! We all know you can fix darn near anything with it. Here's proof! Pinned by Ignite Design Advertising, Inc.
a bus stop with an advertisement on the side of it's glass window at night
Graphic Design Inspiration, Resources & Freebies |
What's Good: The immediacy. It freshness makes you salivate!
a man and woman kissing in front of a train at a station with luggage on the platform
Special Guerilla/Outdoor Marketing
Venga, no seas tímido/a. Si es que nos lo están poniendo tan fácil...
an escalator with a poster on the wall above it that says mundo selvagem
Atracciones de un Centro Comercial: nos hemos traido los cocodrilos.
a crane is lifting a can into the air
¿Necesita más pruebas de lo que pega Pattex?
a car is parked in an airport with luggage on the conveyor belt and a sign that says i'm going on a trip, and i'm taking with me
Ads And Brand Experiences That DEMAND Consumer Attention - The Cool Hunter Journal
Vea qué capacidad tiene el maletero del nuevo Mini...