Ebenezer Free Flight Airplanes

A collection of some of the Ebenezer´s free flight airplanes family members.
46 Pins
a toy airplane laying in the grass
a bronze trophy with an airplane on it
Centennial of Flight 2003 : Australian Aeromodellers Tribute
Bert Striegler's Ebenezer Trophy
a toy airplane with wheels attached to it
ebeneezer Free Flight
Ebenezer Focker 3 Decker
a yellow toy boat sitting on top of a lush green field next to a model airplane
Yellow Submarinezer (Ebeneezer mass launch at Mayfly 2009)
a large group of people standing on top of a grass covered field next to each other
Ebeneezer mass launch at Mayfly 2009 (3/3)
many small airplanes are on the grass near cones
Ebeneezer mass launch at Mayfly 2009 (2/3)
many people are looking at small model airplanes on the grass in front of a fence
Ebeneezer mass launch at Mayfly 2009 (1/3)
an airplane model sitting on top of a table
an orange and white model airplane with propellers
Doolittle Media Shop | Sports Plan MF171
an airplane that is laying on the ground in the grass with it's wings spread out
Doolittle Media Shop | Spitzenezer Plan MF214
a small red airplane with blue wheels on it
Doolittle Media Shop | Easynezer Plan MF209
an old model airplane is laying on a bed with the tag g50 below it
Doolittle Media Shop | Fiatnezer Plan MF211
a toy airplane sitting on top of green grass
Doolittle Media Shop | Pawnezer Plan MF178
a model airplane is sitting on the ground
Doolittle Media Shop | Pipernezer Plan MF270
an image of a white object flying in the air with its wings spread out and dots on it
Doolittle Media Shop | Rutanezer Plan MF192