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Frogs.. Seriously though.. Why kiss lots of frogs? So you can say You changed him? Find him chase that slippery frog down. And Your kiss changes him? Lol conceited to think he needed you to be a better person. Two people should start as equals to have good luck in the future.. I don't believe the chicks weaker. Or a guys not ready for a true loves kiss.. frog got the kiss for what? he tried Hard? to get the kiss.. or tried running from it? lol

"You have to kiss a lot of frogs before you realise they're all frogs" - magnet from Ephemera. Available at Bobangles.

This applies to a variety of ladies out there. Especially the conceited bitches who are "beautiful" but as soon as you know her, she is hideous... You know one or two too ;)

pretty on the inside, bitch. haha normally dont go for these mean things but this is just toooo damn funny!