What a great space saver if you are designing your home yourself.... turn the stairs into drawers! Tiny House Interior Finish Stairs with Drawers

What a great space saver if you are designing your home yourself. turn the stairs into drawers! Tiny House Interior Finish Stairs with Drawers.great idea for our daughters loft bedroom stairs Much safer for children and Mamas than a ladder.

I want to try this next spring. What a great way to grow veggies, and a total space saver to boot! :)

wallacegardens:: It’s called the Skyscraper Vertical Garden, and it is perfect for growing cucumbers, tomatoes, pole beans, and other climbing vegetables where space is limited. Made from Western red cedar….this is so cool with the squash hanging about

DIY pull down table. super space saver. looks like picture on wall.

DIY pull down table. Super space saver, looks like a picture on the wall. This would be great in a small kitchen for two people, or a playroom for kids (make the picture appropriate for whatever room you’re in!) SO SMART.

Space saver

Over head storage idea Simple DIY Storage Ideas, A chunk of plywood cut into strips, a couple pieces of and a few screws. that's all it takes to turn overhead space into organized storage!

Space saver kitty beds

Funny pictures about Efficient cat storage. Oh, and cool pics about Efficient cat storage. Also, Efficient cat storage.

Staircase drawers - Don't know how they do it but it would definitely be a space saver :)

Staircases take up a lot of space, so why not use them for storage as well. Imagine each step is a box with a hidden drawer in it still allowing for additional storage or home office space beneath the staircase.

alternating tread stairs... great space saver

Ship ladder stair, steep stair for tight spaces. Good as secondary found on…

Colonial style decor - myLusciousLife.com - Black gloss Asian style screen.jpg

INSPIRED BY THE BRITISH EMPIRE: Colonial-inspired house and interior design

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This set of chairs and small table are curved and smooth in their design. The way they fit together into a small space saving egg design gives it a soft, calm look to any outdoor or indoor living area

Bedside by Katycbarrett -- a clever space saver

Have a small space? 1 table, cut it in half and attached each piece to the wall. What a great idea for small spaces! LOVE IT!

space saver

Under stair storage - create a craft room right in that little space next to the stairs! All the storage you'll need will be right there, so the floor space if free for your work!

more space savers

Finally a decent idea for my cable spools! From Old Cable Spool To New Library Table Read more: DIY Home Decor Crafts - Easy Home Decorating Craft Ideas - Country Living

Space Saver

Awesome hallway staircase drawers, cleaver stairs storage idea, discreet, hide away, secret drawer

space saver???

Another Eco Toilet idea – it makes complete sense to flush the chain with the water from your washing machine. Would this work for you? washing machine next to toilet, collect water ,flush with a bucket!