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The 30 Most Important Cats Of 2016

Vets save shivering kitten from Hurricane Matthew, give it an adorable sock sweater for warmth

do what you love & love what you do.   dance. quote. blog. love.

Someone needs to put that on a dancers top. Not a regular persons top, a dancers top. Everyone knows that dancers are the sharpest dressers

Chill Chi

It Was Easier to Give in Than Keep Running ibelieveyouitsnotyourfault: “ By Anonymous In first grade, a boy named John— a notorious troublemaker—systematically chased every girl in our class during.

Moi moche et méchant 2 : quand les fans rendent tout

Heights of Minions hahah- Katy Perry, Rihanna, Avril Lavigne, Shakira, Lady Gaga and Nicki Minaj. Despicable Me Minions in a totally different avatar!