red bull stratos

Red Bull Stratos

Awesome video World of Red Bull Commercial‘. Red Bull has a rich history of giving wings to creative and talented individuals in sports and culture, by enabling them to challenge limits and do what was once deemed impossible.


The Thunderbolt II may not be a fighter jet, but it's too beautiful of an aircraft not to save in a pin :D


The stealth bomber carries the "F" fighter designation in case our enemies found out about it. They would think it was a fighter but its only weapons were precision bombs.

saab j35d - linköping - 1966

airsoftgrenades: “ Transport of seventeen in Linköping where the SAAB headquarters is based. The year was (x/post from r/Sweden) —- Military Shop: ”

space shuttle endeavour - final launch - photo stefanie gordon.

The Space Shuttle Endeavor’s Final Launch seen from a commercial plane window, captured by Stefanie Gordon