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a clock sitting on top of a metal shelf next to yellow cups and other items
DAC1397 - Oil gauge Jaguarr
Original British Leyland
there are two pieces of metal on the pegs and one piece of yellow plastic is attached to the wall
Hinges front Bonnet Jaguar
series 2 xj Jaguar Chloe Marcie, Saddle Bags, Saddle
Rear Mudflap Jaguar
series 2 xj Jaguar
a metal disc with holes in the center on a blue surface, close up view
Disco freno JAGUAR
a close up of a pair of headlights on a white surface
Faro Xenon JAGUAR
the tail light of a car is shown in this image, it appears to be red
Pilotos traseros S-type
the inside workings of an electronic device on a blue surface
Cerradura automatica porton trasero
a yellow and blue handle on a pink wall next to a black stick with a green stripe
Brazo suspension JAGUAR
the grills on this car are black and have metal bars attached to each side
Rejilla JAGUAR
the inside of a car's electrical panel and its cover are brown, black, and red
Caja de fusibles JAGUAR
the new motor is in its original box
a couple of batteries sitting on top of each other
JLM1315 Rele
a black cube sitting on top of two white boxes with tags attached to it's sides
JLM1314 Rele
an image of a car alter motor that is on the ground with blue flooring
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