Elena Boils Illustration as seen on @Toni Williams @Stylebeat Marisa Marcantonio digs it

Palm tree are the print of the season, not to mention that they are also fitting for this warm summer vacation weather. Turn over a new leaf and try out a palm print for inspiration.

Drawing Horses by Horodno.deviantart.com on @deviantART

It's huuuge. Reference used by ~Colourize-Stock I like giving critics and redlining stuff, note me Drawing Horses


Put a bird on it!) The Birds of Australia by Kristina Sostarko + Jason Odd On The Wall

KATIE HOLTEN, Trees of the USA VI (Eastern Region), 2008, ink on paper, 101,3 x 76 cm, in frame

[KATIE HOLTEN, Untitled sketch drawing (the Pein trees), ink on paper, x 21 cm]


插畫家Neiko Ng的十問十答

neikosketch: “Day 3 of chubby bird drawing. This one is chubbier than The one i did yesterday 😗😗.