Found on the internet :Alphabet made out of a sheet of paper by cuts and folds by Gina Hollingsworth , a summer school student at Central Saint Martins in London.I discovered this perfect idea while looking at the blog  We Made This.

Paper Typography, by Gina Hollingsworth A typeface created from a single sheet of paper, with only cuts and folds. The process used to create the alphabet involved.

Cats Let Nothing Darken Their Roar - Calendar

The 'Cats Let Nothing Darken Their Roar' calendar, created by Noa Bembibre, introduces every year twelve phrases that hide the name of each month within.

Typography art

Love the colors & Type. Gotta appreciate true graphic design with this one


For Those Who Dare to Repair, Fix-It Help Lines Answer the Call

These days, people are more inclined to patch up household items like vacuums, blenders and lawn mowers rather than junk them. This wave of frugality has resulted in a increase in call volume to customer help lines.