Estación Experimental Aula Dei (EEAD) Zaragoza

La Biblioteca de la EEAD-CSIC es una las bibliotecas especializadas adscritas al Área de Ciencias Agrarias de la Red de Bibliotecas y Archivos del CSIC. Las…
28 Pins
there are many different books on the table together in this circular arrangement, including one for children and one for adults
Algunas revistas destacadas del fondo EEAD
three books are stacked on top of each other in front of a sign that reads punto book crossing
Punto Bookcrossing
an empty room with bookshelves full of books and sliding glass doors to the outside
Depósito de Revistas T-1. Detalle
a fish eye view of a store with shelves full of food and condiments
Depósito de Revistas y Publicaciones. Detalle
the inside of a building with many clocks on it
. Depósito de Revistas H1. Detalle
an aerial view of a library filled with lots of books and stacks of bookshelves
Depósito de Revistas H1. Vista general
an empty library with many bookshelves and tables
Área de Procesos Técnicos. Detalle
two people are sitting at desks in an office with bookshelves and cabinets
Área de Procesos Técnicos
a bookshelf filled with lots of different colored books on top of wooden shelves
. Fondo librario. Detalle
an open book with different types of flowers and plants on it's pages, including dandelions
Reproduccción de Lámina de Natürgeschichte de Wilkomm (s. XIX).
an old map of africa is shown in this image
Reproducción de Lámina del grabador John Cary (África, 1819)
an old book with writing on the front and back cover, in latin scripts
Reproducción de Portada del Tratado de Agricultura de Alonso de Herrera (facsímil, ed. 1790)
a book shelf filled with lots of books
Fondo Antiguo. Detalle de libros del s.XIX.
an old library with many books on shelves
Sala de Lectura. Detalle de Mueble expositor de Fondo Antiguo
three people sitting at a table in a library with bookshelves and chandeliers
Sala de Lectura, detalle