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what we can do to create relax & work environments at work / in a coworking space
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there is a blue chair with a laptop on it's lap top in different positions
A Chair That’s Inspired by The Elegant Posture Of A Whale - Yanko Design
Characterful and playful design is great, it can completely alter and elevate the mood of a room as well as make the user smile. And that’s exactly what SAMU does! There is something that is so elegant and almost subdued about whales; their vast size brings with it an equally large personality that’s demonstrated through their big smiles. The Sunon Design Team encapsulated this unique personality and form into a chair, to create an item of furniture that has a strong character.
two wooden doors with plants growing over them
How good are our sound proofed phone booths looking!? 🌿 excellent !!!
there are two different pictures with one man sitting in a chair and the other is using a laptop
This Chair Is Designed To Create A Private Space For One Person
Ukrainian based MZPA design, have created The Planet, a private space that someone can curl up in and relax or do some work. #OfficeFurniture #FurnitureDesign #Seating
a woman standing next to a chair made out of wood and plywood planks
DEBOOK - debosc
an aerial view of the courtyard at night with lights on trees and people walking around
Coworking, Office Space - Spitalfields, East London | Second Home
Coworking, Office Space - Hollywood, LA | Second Home
an illustration of the inside of a house with stairs and rooms on each level that are filled with furniture
Networker Magazine Illustration by 최지수 포트폴리오 - 노트폴리오
Networker Magazine article Illustration. 프랑스 Networker Magazine의 새로운 주거 형태, 공유경제에 대한 기사 일러스트레이션 작업. 작업문의
a man sitting in front of a laptop computer on top of a desk next to a window
Cobaas - Coworking Space Preetz
a living room filled with furniture and lots of plants
22 Home Art Studio Design and Decorating Ideas that Create Inspiring Spaces
people sitting at tables and chairs in an open space with green carpeting on the floor
Moderne Teppiche verleihen dem Außenbereich einen coolen Look
two women sitting on the grass in an office building with balloons hanging from the ceiling
LEED Gold Firm With a Picnic Green