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Animal prints
Chicken parmesan
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Animal prints

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Chicken parmesan

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Chocolate Snowman

Let's run and we'll have some fun before I melt away! ⛄️

Leichter Eis-Kuchen

Leichter Eis-Kuchen - Für 6 Personen - Zubereitungszeit 20 Minuten

Cotton Candy Ice Cream Recipe

Candy Decoration @chefclub

Iglú de morango

Chefclub rassemble tout le monde dans la cuisine en créant des recettes inspirantes, amusantes et faciles. Retrouvez les vidéos et la boutique.

Individual Apple Pie

Real Apple Pie! - For 4 people - Ready in 20 minutes

Picanha super recheada

Picanha super recheada! Uma explosão de carne!

Plating Skills

A evolução do bolovo

Chefclub reune todo mundo na cozinha criando receitas inspiradoras, divertidas e fáceis. Encontre os vídeos e a loja.

Star Spangled Recipes

Star Spangled Recipes - For 6 people - Ready in 30 minutes

¡ESTE es el plato con carne más grandioso del año!

Para carnívoros de corazón

Cono ciocco vaniglia

Cono ciocco-vaniglia - Per 3 persone - Pronto in 30 minuti

Just the Facts: Melting

Find out which cheeses melt well and which ones keep their shape.

Cookie Scoop Size Chart- Calculate Tablespoons, Ounces, Cookie Size

Cookie scoop sizes can be perplexing. Small, medium, large? If a recipe calls for a tablespoon of dough and you want to use a cookie scoop, which one should you use? This cookie scoop size chart solves that problem. I have got everything cookie scoop ON LOCK. And I made a printable chart.

This Is How Temperature, Butter, And Sugar Affect Your Chocolate Chip Cookies

We take a look at each ingredient in a chocolate chip to figure out how to make the perfect one, no matter what you're after.


Le tiramisu de Saturne - Recette de Tiramisu pour 4 personnes - Préparation en 40 minutes