Find specific colors.!

These were posted to help writers write creative and inspiring they'd help consignment/ resale staffers describe incoming goods better. After all, it's not a pink couch or dress: it's salmon or strawberry, right?

Silent letters list in the English language

Pronunciation : Silent letters list in the English language

Other ways to say...happy, scared, pretty, angry, shocked and other words. Great list!

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Estudia inglés en Irlanda & Collins- Good manners

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Everybody should know about some general and common good manner. So just have a look to this pic and learn good manners. You can enhance your talking and writing with these manners. If you want any grammatical help then you can take help from here.

Partes del cuerpo

ESL vocabularies, ESL doctor, ESL symptoms, describing symptoms, going to the…

Telling the time in English. Learn how to tell the time in English using pictures and videos.

Telling the time in pictures and video - How to tell the time in video with English audio What time is it? Learn to tell the time in using video to learn During this lesson you will learn to tll the time using a video and pictures

Phrasal verbs #learnenglish

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TURN                                                                                                                                                                                 Más

English phrasal verbs with Turn


Phrasal verbs with the verb carry

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Other ways to say I don't like it. - Learn and improve your English language with our FREE Classes. Call Karen Luceti or email kluceti to register for classes. Eastern Shore of


Phrasal verbs with keep

Hand Phrasal Verbs

Hand Phrasal Verbs




English phrasal verbs with Cut


English phrasal verbs with Do

Phrasal verbs: INQUIRE

Phrasal verbs: INQUIRE