Bacalao con costra de mayonesa / 2 lomos de bacalao fresco. - 2 patatas medianas. - 1 tomate. - 1 cebolla. - 4 cucharadas de mayonesa - Pan rallado. - Vino blanco - Perejil - Aceite - Sal - Pimienta.

Bacalao con Costra Es increible pensar que antiguamente este pescado era comida…

Las tapas.


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Receta de Solomillo con salsa de Madeira @cocinaland

Solomillo con salsa de Madeira

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Crema Catalana - Catalunya, Spain

Spain-Dessert "Crema Catalana" Similar to crème brulee, but flavored with citrus peel, cooked on the stove, instead of in the oven and with the sugar caramelized with a small round hot iron.

Cocido madrileño

Cocido madrileño, as other Spanish food such as cocido montañés derived from the Jewish adafina; a stew made with lamb and chick peas. Cocido madrileño is a chickpea stew with different pork meat and sausages.

Tapas Party - menus, tips and ideas

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