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Queralt Parada
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Research suggests by 2100 there will be no sea water left with properties that supported coral reef growth in the past.

Boulder brain coral (Diploria strigosa), the spawning of this is super cool to watch. It disperses only eggs or sperm. It releases their eggs, investment is small. But SECORE takes these babies and grows back in lab at ZOOOS (aka my job)!

I'm inspired by the colours in this image as well as the unsual patterning of the brain coral, it could be simple yet effect imagery to work with in terms of pattern work.

imagenes de corales marinos animados

They grow quite fast. Started from about 2 frags and now they are with multiple branches

Foto de un pez tropical de un arrecife de coral

So vibrant! --- Protect aquatic life with the accuracy of analytical chemistry instrument analysis.Com --- Image Source: Unknown