Césped artificial en Paredes

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an empty room with green walls and wooden chairs around a table in front of it
Césped artificial en Paredes
Hemos diseñado una sala de reuniones en el que se han instalado césped en las paredes, en las ventanas y los suelos y la verdad que su resultado a sido perfecto
a room that has some chairs around a table and television on the wall in it
a room with wooden tables and chairs on green carpeted flooring next to windows
a room with wooden tables and chairs, green carpeted walls and windows in the background
an empty room with tables and chairs in front of a green wall that has grass on it
an empty room with wooden floors and tables
an empty room with wooden chairs and green carpet
a room with artificial grass and wooden logs
a room with green carpet and two tables on the floor next to each other in front of a wall