Reuse that old tire - would make a fun sit and stand swing! This would be great for occupational therapy! Gonna try this one for sure!

Un balancín casero para niños

Crossing the midline activity- using lazy-8s is a popular way of getting a child to cross the midline. The assistant hand must be on the board.

Easy OT Activities For Crossing The Midline Is your child’s midline crossing poor? These fun occupational therapy activities for crossing the midline are easy to do at home and come with lots of photos to show you just what to do!

Midline crossing activities. Great website for OT related activities, school setting.

Activities to work on crossing the midline. From OT Mom Learning Activities. (so far I haven't noticed problems with the kids and their midline but good ideas anyhow!

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Scooter Board Rope Pull activity will work in upper body strength, and motor planning by pulling oneself toward the therapist with the one's body on the scooterboard.

Robot Legs - how cute is this?  Thanks @YourTherapySource for the heads up on this one!  - - Pinned by @PediaStaff – Please visit for all (hundreds of) our pediatric therapy pins

How-Tuesday: Robot Legs

Combine fine motor, dressing skills, postural control, pretend play and more!

Bilateral Coordination Activities

OT Mom has some nice bilateral coordination activity ideas on her web page. (bilateral coordination activity in kitchen)

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21 Fun Presidents Day Activities and Crafts

hand eye coordination

Increase Hand-eye coordination by playing belly ball (they have to stop the ball before it hits their belly!