Victor Punzano Moreno

Victor Punzano Moreno

Victor Punzano Moreno
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Under the skull, on the bicep.

Cover up idea. Antique bird cage with the bird free on top but i want the door open and the victorian style ink cross speck flowers. the cover up would be in the flowers on the top left and this would be a full side peace. but i really like the idea.

When Marine Lance Cpl. Alex Minsky lost his leg when his truck rolled over an IED  in Afghanistan he had no idea how greatly his journey would end up empowering people with disabilities.    LA based photographer Tom Cullis first noticed Alex at his gym.    “I saw him on a daily basis doing pushups with one leg or core balance routines on a Swiss ball.

love his tats.Former marine Alex Minsky lost his leg in Afghanistan and became a successful underwear model after his recovery. It was at the gym where he met a photographer who would change the course of his life.

not just an inspiration but breathtakingly handsome - former marine now international male model Alex Minsky is every inch the hottest hero on earth!!

Jack Adams jocks are sexy! The Jack Adams Flex Racer X Fly Jock has a mesh pouch that ooffers great support and keeps you cool thanks to the moisture wicking fabric.

Fun Gay T Shirts. Talk to Daddy.

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