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Floating Drink Cooler Kayak

Stay properly hydrated while out on the water by hitching this floating drink cooler kayak to your watercraft. It features an insulated interior to keep drinks chilled, is large enough to accommodate thirty 12 oz cans, and features a watertight lid.

Double paddle for white-water kayak:  CHLOROPHYLL. From nauticexpo.com. OMG this is the cutest paddle EVER! Want!!

Double paddle for white-water kayak: this is the coolest kayak paddle I've ever seen!

Image for No Limits™ 87" Butterfly Kayak Paddle from Academy

The No Limits™ Butterfly Kayak Paddle features an adjustable aluminum shaft and a monarch butterfly blade design.

Fishing in Kayak is really exciting as well as incredibly enjoying. Those who want to go for fishing in Kayak need to have some basic knowledge about some common facts what to do and what not to, what to check and what not to etc.

Malibu Kayaks provides the best stable kayaks around the world. We have the ultimate tandem, hunting, recreational, sit on top & family kayak!

The Outdoor Girls on a Canoe Trip (Laura Lee Hope).

The Outdoor Girls on a Canoe Trip (Laura Lee Hope).-Im proud to say, I could actually recreate this picture with my gals!

If you're too lazy to paddle your own kayak, the solar-powered SPK-1 outrigger can harness the energy of the sun to get you on your way. Three big solar panels on this kayak-mounted attachment feed power to a silent-running electric trolling motor with 36 pounds of thrust. On the next page, take a look at a detailed diagram of the SPK-1.

Effortless Kayaking, Motorized by the Sun's Rays

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La Reine des plages - Côte d'Emeraude - Grand casino municipal de St Malo - Bretagne - France -

La Reine des plages - Côte d'Emeraude - Grand casino municipal de St Malo - Bretagne - France -

What to do if you capsize your kayak in cold water? An important skill to practice so that you can stay safe when it happens.

There’s no doubt that cold water represents the most relevant, dangerous, and underappreciated of the objective hazards faced by the average sea kayaker. Immersion in cold water (

packing a kayak for camping.

Do you want to take your paddling to a new level and try your hand at kayak camping?

via www.railblazablog.com Published on April 30, 2014 by admin in Paddle Sports In this blog we share the list of parts used in the outfitting of the Hobie Tandem Island kayak, this one has been a very popular set up among the paddling community due to the many different accessory options that can be fitted to the Tandem Island.…

Accessories and mounts for Hobie Tandem Island and any other kayak or canoe