Pulp covers

Las mejores portadas de las publicaciones pulp de los años 50, 60 y 70 del s. XX.
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Super Science Stories

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Castle of Frankenstein

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Asimov's v15n07 (1991 06) : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive

Asimov's Science Fiction

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Interzone #052 (1991 10)
Interzone Science Fiction and Fantasy 075 1993-09. Portada de Jim Burns


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Milton Luros cover. Wandl the Invader is actually a good novel by “Girl in the Gold Atom” Ray Cummings, and is a great example of the high-concept adventure spirit of early scifi. It’s about a “rogue...
The Green Thumb

Science Fiction Quarterly

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Red Emeralds


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Fantasy and Science Fiction / Vol. 48 Nr. 4

Fantasy and Science Fiction

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Margaret Brundage
Weird Tales Nov 1934 - Margaret Brundage

Weird Tales

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If magazine, March 1970, cover by Mike Gilbert


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The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction, November 1959 Cover by Ed "EMSH” Emshwiller
The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction, August 1957 Cover by Barry Waldman

The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction

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The Fight With The Gorgon – Pulp Covers

Super-Science Fiction

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Fantastic Story Magazine

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"The Moon that Vanished" Thrilling Wonder Stories, October 1948 Cover by Earle K. Bergey
The Power and the Glory – Pulp Covers

Thrilling Wonder Stories

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Ed Emshwiller’s cover for Galaxy Science Fiction, ed. H. L. Gold (November 1954)
Wally Wood

Galaxy Science Fiction

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Who was Spacerogue?  Cover by Emsh.
Infinity 1958-06 | Infinity Science Fiction Volume 3 No. 5, June 1958 Cover art by EMSH (Ed Emshwiller) Contents: Recalled To Life (Part 1 of 2) - Robert Silverberg The High Ones - Poul Anderson But Who Can Replace a Man? - Brian W. Aldiss Pangborn's Paradox - David Mason The Way Out - Richard R. Smith
Infinity 1955-11

Infinity Science Fiction

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Captain Future

Captain Future

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Future Science Fiction #36 (1958 04) : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive
Because Of The Stars – Pulp Covers
Today / Me

Future Science Fiction

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All Heroes Are Hated! – Pulp Covers

Amazing Stories

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The War Nymphs Of Venus – Pulp Covers
Planet Stories, July 1953, cover by Kelly Freas
Planet Stories Vol. 4, No. 10 (Jan., 1951). Cover by Allen Anderson

Planet Stories

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Earle K. Bergey (1901 - 1952)
Startling Stories, from May 1951, painted by Earle Bergey.
Wine of the Dreamers

Startling Stories

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Art by H. W. Wesso

Astouding Stories

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The Breeder – Pulp Covers
Cover art by Ed Valigursky

Fantastic Science Fiction

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The City Of The Living Dead (1930) – Pulp Covers
Science Wonder Stories, edited by Hugo Gernsback

Science Wonder Stories

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Nebula Science Fiction. No.38  Jan.1959 Cover Art. Eddie Jones
Nebula Science Fiction.  No.34  Sept 1958 Cover Art. Gerard Quinn


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