tenses: finally....a chart with all of the tenses w/examples! Thank you.

English Grammar solution: Structure of All Tense, Structure of the Tense. i would probably break this chart down into different pieces but most kids have trouble when it comes to the different tenses. so this would help a lot in the classroom.

Could do this with different Spanish verb tenses.

Types of Sentences

Lessons with Laughter: Types of Sentences. This anchor chart on sentences would be good for a lesson in primary grades, but I like this set up and it could be applied to multiple topics and contents.


A very handy Spanish worksheet! Learn Spanish in the safe and local Spanish coastal town of La Herradura, Granada!

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El leísmo

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Contraste: Imperfecto – Indefinido

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How to Use the Discovery Technique for Teaching Grammar: 5 Simple Steps

Have you heard of the discovery technique for teaching grammar? If your answer to either of these questions is no, read on to learn everything you need to know about this