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a white desk topped with a keyboard and paper clip next to a pair of scissors
Jaimakhija: I will do modern minimalist feminine logo design for $60 on fiverr.com
Get your Original SIGNATURE /FEMININE /HAND-DRAWN LOGO now, 24 Hour Delivery. Choose from different PACKAGES. Awaiting to hear from you :) NOTE: THIS LOGO IS NOT FOR SALE, This is just to depict the kind of work we do and offer. Thank you
a black and white sign that says varray restaurant & bar on the side of a wall
Varvary is a new fine dining restaurant and bar that recently opened at the heart of Melbourne, Australia. The restaurant offers diners a friendly atmosphere where guests can enjoy wonderful gastronome menu comfortably. They wanted the identity that says …
a zebra logo on a white background
Logo Inspiration | #1048
Zebra by simc... plus 25 other great minimal logo designs
an animal logo with the word antloop on it's front and side
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the different types of boats are shown in this image, and each one has its own name
黄蜂网 - 可商用设计素材 - 黄蜂网woofeng.cn
logos of wine #logo #wine
the little logo design for a children's clothing line, with an image of a yellow bird
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Logo Design: The Work of Vladimirs Jeberza
the logo for triple tree nurseryland
Triple Tree Nursery logo
Triple Tree Nursery logo by Cowie and Fox, via Flickr
the logo for the guide of food writer's office, which is located in front of an image of a fountain pen
What is the best logo ever created?
(1) What is the best logo ever created? - Quora
a black and white logo for a hot dog
What is the best logo ever created?
(1) What is the best logo ever created? - Quora
the logo for corrus and black
Typography and Logos image inspiration on Designspiration
Corvus & Black by The Design Surgery
an image of some type of paper with different shapes and sizes on it's sides
Geek Pack - Good Stuff No Nonsense
Hot Geek Pack! Vector Geek faces and more. Geek boys and girls, geek teams, geek glasses. Perfect for logos, avatars, stickers. And the best part is you can mix and match them to create totally new illustrations. Free for both commercial and personal use...
the logo for an anti - morrork global small brewery
Ankh-Morpork Global Small Brewery (Concept)
Ankh-Morpork Global Small Brewery (Concept) on Packaging of the World - Creative Package Design Gallery
the logo for philadelphia, pennsylvania
Nuevo logo del queso crema Philadelphia | Vecindad Gráfica Diseño Gráfico