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Cosmog X Umbreon by Seoxys6

VIDEO PROCESS: I saw mdbruin and do a Cosmog + Umbreon fusion and thought it would be nice to make my own version o. Cosmog X Umbreon


emererre flareon fusion no humans noctowl pixelated pokemon pokemon (creature) pokemon (game)

Houndoom x Umbreon by on @DeviantArt

Drawn during yesterday's live stream That one was requested so many time so I just had to do it some time Hope you guys will like it ^_^ Who wants. Houndoom x Umbreon

Drawn for a commission and also during a live stream! I will be streaming again…

A commission for and also drawn during yesterday's live stream! This is probably one of my favorite design so far Don't miss my next l. Sylveon X Mismagius

Art by Seoxys (@Seoxys6 on tumblr)  She also has a facebook page here:

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