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Mine, ink

Mine, ink

Mine, Iconic Barcelona

Mine, Iconic Barcelona

Willem de Kooning studio in East Hampton, Archetectual Digest, 1983

Willem de Kooning studio in East Hampton, last photo includes Elaine de Kooning Architectural Digest, 1983


I picked this image because it expresses how the man in the picture is bondaged by his work. His neck tie is a noose instead of the traditional neck tie which symbolizes his work killing him.


lovely headpiece (Lindsey Wixson backstage at Rodarte’s F/W 2012 show, photographed by Jamie Beck)


❂ "Spread your wings and prepare to fly For you have become a butterfly . So spread your wings and fly Butterfly " (photo via picc)

melted wax

Fun craft idea with crayons, a blow dryer and a canvas! Change it up with glitter crayons!

jadeite dinnerware

Martha Stewart's Jadeite Collection will make you green with envy. I used to be able to find jadeite at a very reasonable price, and collected it for years. Stewart made it popular!

Mine, Water colour

Mine, Water colour