Receta de bizcocho de limón: ingredientes, elaboración y fotos

LEMON CAKE Ingredients 4 eggs 165 g butter 180 g white sugar 180 g brown sugar 165 ml milk 90 ml lemon juice 295 g cake flour (with yeast) zest of two lemons 1 teaspoon lemon paste Preheat oven to Mix, bake on for 35 mins.

Sustitución de Ingredientes en repostería

Sustitución de ingredientes en repostería

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Galletas de maicena y leche condensada -

Galletas de maicena y leche condensada

Galletas de maicena y leche condensada -

Yogur, chocolate y fresas

Individual Brownie Trifles

Brownie and Raspberry Trifles - whipping cream whipped with sugar and vanilla; layer with crumbled brownies, raspberries, and chocolate drizzle.

copas de crema de chocolate

Dark chocolate shooters: Place one mini chocolate muffin in bottom of glass. Next, pour dark chocolate pudding or mousse and top with whipped cream and mini chocolate chip. Easy yet elegant! (I'd use milk chocolate)

Watermelon Cake Layered in Mason Jars!

Watermelon Cake in Mason Jars: Perfect Summer Dessert

Learn how to layer watermelon cake into mason jars for the ultimate summer-season dessert that is perfect for picnics and parties!

DIY decorated sugar cubes

Decorated Sugar Cubes - what a fussy and beautiful thing! A diy with royal icing would keep long.but the process of making a zillion might make you insane


Muchos panes de sabores!!