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Kneel - General Zod by Steve Garcia

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Alexander Sartorius A.K.A Doctor Phosphorus By Roy Westerman


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the batman and robin wayne are in front of a cityscape with rainbows
Batman: Urban Legends Vol 2
a woman in black and white is standing on top of a rock with a guitar
Chun Lo on Twitter
Inicio / Twitter
the amazing spider - man and his friends are fighting in this cover art for an upcoming comic
Venom 3 Variant Cover by arf on DeviantArt
superman flying through the air with his arms outstretched and head tilted to the ground, surrounded by clouds
Something Marvel? Something Dc? Bit of both!
Superman: For tomorrow #4.
superman and the green lanterners standing in front of a group of other superheros
the avengers team is flying through the air with their arms in the air and surrounded by other
Civil War II
an image of some cartoon characters in the air with their arms out and legs crossed
13 Marvel Jumping On Points For April 2016
an image of a cartoon character with lightning in his hands and the caption name your favorite dc character who isn't a member of the trinity
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