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The Fight to Save Wikipedia from Itself

The Decline of Wikipedia: Even As More People Than Ever Rely on It, Fewer People Create It

What Would Happen To The Media If Facebook Collapsed?

Essay about life on other planets proof Is There Life on Other Planets Essay, there is life on other planets because there hasn’t been any proof to verify such.

Sufijos usuales.

Wonderful chart of sufijos en español. Wish it had a column for English equivalents though. Perhaps that could be expanded upon with an accompanying worksheet and dictionary activity?

We’re About to Lose Net Neutrality — And the Internet as We Know It - Net neutrality is a dead man walking. The execution date isn’t set, but it could be days, or months (at best). And since net neutrality is t.

How to Protect Your Privacy from Facebook's Graph Search from the Electronic Frontier Foundation

Wikipedia Is a Rancorous, Sexist, Elitist, Stupidly Bureaucratic Mess. Can It Be Fixed?

David Auerbach, "Encyclopedia Frown: Wikipedia is amazing. But it’s become a rancorous, sexist, elitist, stupidly bureaucratic mess." From Slate Magazine.

Netflix Hit by Outage, Blames Amazon

The Netflix mobile app has all of the features you'd find on its Web site. Learn about the benefits and drawbacks of the Netflix mobile app.

Technology is making us blind: The dangerous complacency of the iPhone era

Technology is making us blind: The dangerous complacency of the iPhone era - The rise of smartphones & social media has ushered in a new age of techno-optimism. And that's a big problem.

Juegos para que los niños se inicien en programación | Recull diari | Scoop.it