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NYC, USA // Search for the Unicorn: An Exhibition in Honor of The Cloisters Museum's 75th Anniversary. Until August 18, 2013. // Continue reading: http://theculturetrip.com/north-america/usa/new-york/articles/the-search-for-the-unicorn-an-exploration-into-medieval-mythology/

The Search for the Unicorn: An Exploration into Medieval Mythology

New York City, Metropolitan Museum, The Cloisters The Unicorn Tapestries on “the hunt of the unicorn” Series of seven Flemish tapestries from around 1500 CE. Tapestry no. The Unicorn in captivity


Unicorn Photograph, Surreal Photography, Nursery Art in Neutral White Cream…

Damien Hirst is one of my favourite artists. I love how a piece like this is so abstract yet peaceful at the same time. One would think an exhibition of a load of deceased animals wouldn't be art yet the beauty Damien has captured is not morbid but rather

magical unicorns

Unicorns, those magical mythical creatures that many have searched for but never actually found. One of our customers recommended AppDynamics to their associates and compared us to Unicorns . only real.

My sister and I were just talking today about how poop automatically makes people turn immature...Case in point, this pillow XD

So for some reason, my daughter says unicorns poop rainbows. So one night I asked her, "So when they fart is it glitter and confetti?" She laughed so hard there was no noise or breathing!<<< I want a unicorn

Pair of Unicorns by tunacarp.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt

the parents of pickles the magic unicorn of Mackenzie and McKenna.

unicorn | Teatime Traveller: Unicorns~

Gypsy Magic: Unicorn Myth and Lore ---- unicorns are wild creatures, only tameable by a virgin. Its spiralling horn is believed to have healing powers