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Uno, Dos, Tres con Andres! A Musical Bilingual Program Woodbridge, VA #Kids #Events

Uno, Dos, Tres con Andres! A Musical Bilingual Program Woodbridge, VA #Kids #Events

Music teacher. You matter. Music is important.

I'm Not Just Here to Cover Your Planning Period, I'm a MUSIC TEACHER

Teaching music is so important. Music teachers matter and you are making a huge impact on the lives of your students.

Great website with recommendations for books, CD's, etc.

Classics for Children – Great set of classical music

Music Connections by Mrs. Debbie - Kindermusik classes, some excellent resources, as well as ideas for you to use at home

Piano Teacher Helps - Debbie Dee

Fantastic printable charts and phrases to remember notes on the Grand staff! Debbie Dee - great resource for free documents, lesson plans and anchor charts

virtual surgeries and dissections - my kids LOVED these.  A great alternative to dissection, or introduction.

This site has virtual surgeries of all types and virtual dissections! I just did a heart transplant and a knee surgery!

Beth's music blog

Beth's music blog

Musical Instruments SmartBoard Presentation! as seen on Fourth Grade Friends

Musical Instruments SmartBoard Presentation!

FREE Prezi presentation of musical instruments! watch videos of children playing a guitar, trumpet, violin, flute, piano. This is a great presentation! -- I LOVE PREZI!

Gift Ideas for Babies or Toddlers ~ I love, love, love Elizabeth Mitchell’s children’s music…folksy, calm, and not corny.

Gift Ideas: One Year Old Girl OR Boy

You Are My Little Bird- My favorite CD to listen to while nannying for-nonexistent-reasons