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I didn't know that hans christian andersen created these wonderful paper cuts, did you?

anastasia savinova

anastasia savinova (The Jealous Curator)

Aquilina carneo colore alias, Aquilegia flore pleno inverso, Aquilina flore rubro pleno, Aquilina flore Variegato plano, Aquilina degener, Aquilina flore albo simplici, Aquilina pleno roseo flore (1719) by Michael Valentini.

Michael Valentini - Aquilina flore - From Viridarium Reformatum, seu Regnum Vegetabile: Krauter Buch (Newly Revised Garden of the Plant Kingdom: Herb Book), Michael Bernhard Valentini editor.

I really love macro photography and how it can put things into different perspectives or show more details that are usually overseen or ignored. I like the idea of movement that shows more details than what would originally meet the eye.


I love these paper snowflake patterns! I'm thinking of cutting them into freezer paper, ironing them onto a t-shirt and painting all around them.

Phillip Otto Runge 1777-1810 - Scherenschnitt - Papercut

Poster-Classic/Vintage-Philipp Otto Runge 13 Poster created by lovearthouse.

Still need to figure out how this is done (what's used), but it makes perfect wall decor.

Paper boxes used for the walls as art. Affordable wall art, unique wall display, ways to decorate your home. You can also use art canvas and cut out a pattern from behind it with a repetitive stenciled pattern

Alice in Wonderland unframed paper cut by KnittyKnottyCrafts

Alice in Wonderland, unframed paper cut, designed by Bramble Crafts, handcut by KnittyKnottyCrafts

"wands" had a 'wanderful' day making a wand with my nephew. combined several ideas from Pinterest and he created the most awesome wand ever!

Fairy Wands - MISCELLANEOUS TOPICS - My kiddo and I were inspecting a fallen tree limb last week and looking at all those little twigs made me think of wands.