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This is Stacy Peralta. He's a man, in fact . He's one of the original Z-BOYS, the group that inspired vertical skating and he went on to coach skaters like Tony Hawk and Rodney Mullen. Tired of people confusing his gender hahaha

See more skate photography by Nico Guilis.

The Dream of the California Skater Girl Is Alive and Well

Shore Leave by Urban Outfitters Austin Bomber Jacket

Shore Leave by Urban Outfitters Austin Olive Bomber Jacket

Shore Leave by Urban Outfitters Austin Bomber Jacket. //if I were taller//

KickAss Longboard Skateboard

When people are having fun, living life and smiling it makes me smile and makes me feel so happy inside 😊 and I wanna live a life just like that also

Classic photo of Laura Thornhill in the 1970s, by Warren Bolster.

skateboarding girl long blonde hair swirls around, Don't care about what people think of you. Be who you are and the right people will love you.

longboards, skateboards, skating, skate, skateboarding, sk8…

expectations of girls * pretty dresses, boyfriends that are jocks and makeup for everything, reality * skating with the boys, showing off your killer moves

Emile Hirsch in Lords of Dogtown // I'll allways love a skaterboy.

Great capture, very cool movie. theclassyissue: Emile Hirsch as Jay Adams in Lords of Dogtown