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Happiness in America

13 maps about America worth bringing up at dinner parties and/or first dates

The HAPPIEST CITIES.“Nearly all of the unhappiest places in the nation lean heavily Democratic when it comes to voting,” noted Caroline Schaeffer of the Indepen.

Maps of the U.S. according to how often the Seven Deadly Sins are committed: Sloth

38 Maps You Never Knew You Needed

Some prime examples of map porn for all my fellow amateur cartographers to get lost in.

Melting pot: This map shows the ethnic heritage of Americans:

The map that shows where America came from: Fascinating illustration shows the ancestry of EVERY county in the US

American Map of Ancestry. This map, which shows the dominant ancestry in each U. county, is a wonderful show of American diversity and a living museum of America's history of immigration, voluntary as well as forced.

If all Minnesota has is tornadoes, it can't be all bad?  What Every State in the U.S. Is Worst at (Including North Dakota at Tourism)

What Every State in the U.S. Is Worst at (Including North Dakota at Tourism)

Is Worst at (Including North Dakota at Tourism) - In the interest of showing that every state sucks in some way, we picked out one key area where each is most deficient.

What dialect do you speak? A map of American English.  I speak 1 & 2 fluently & effortlessly and get teased about it most days of the year!   :-)

What dialect do you speak? A map of American English


6 Best Images of Happy Retirement Printable Sign - Happy Retirement Party Clip Art, Free Printable Happy Retirement Signs and Free Printable Happy Retirement Banner

The Connected States of America | Geography Education | Scoop.it

MIT Senseable City - "The Connected States of America" - telephone 'neighborhoods', based on call data

Population density map: using various city standards, this map proves overpopulation fears are unfounded

If the World’s Population Lived in One City If the world's billion people lived in one city, how large would that city be if it were as dense as.

Map of slavery in USA 1830 Map depicting density of slavery in theUSA in 1830. Shows chief slave states as Virginia, Carolinas, Alabama, Georgia, Florida, Mississippi and Louisiana.

1830 Map depicting density of slavery in the USA chief slave states Virginia Carolinas Alabama Georgia Florida Mississippi & Louisiana

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Just What Does Your State Do Best?

What Does Your State Do Best Infographic - The United States is a very diverse, and multi cultural place to live. Each state usually has its famous.