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Purple eyes

How to Apply: - Start with the lightest color and spread it across the eyelid as a base or to highlight - Second apply the medium shade over the eye - Finally apply the darkest shade to define and lin

Do not worry too if the kitten trace is looking different in each eye, or not completely straight when closing. | 11 truques de maquiagens para pessoas que tem pálpebras caídas

Não se preocupe também se o traço do gatinho estiver parecendo diferente em cada olho, ou não ficar totalmente reto ao fechar.

The trick with hooded eyes is keeping up the illusion. Practice makes perfect, and experimentation is how you’ll figure out what works for your exact eye shap


💜 Ombre eyeliner 💜 Used: Purple eyeshadows from 120 color palette, Duraline, Waterproof Creme Color in Jet, in Demi Wispies

Love this for brown eyes

Beautiful eye makeup - gold highlight, blue eyeliner, bold black eyeliner and defined brows.

Phyle Style: Pretty Eye Makeup Looks for Green Eyes

Copper Eye Makeup Look for Green Eyes--Copper colour shades looks amazing. Copper tends to highlight green eyes and makes your eyes have a wide-awake appearance

If you’re into warmer colors, here’s great smoky look with a copper hue.--- MAKEUP TIPS FOR HOODED EYES

13 Makeup Tips Every Person With Hooded Eyes Needs To Know

Pastel makeup step by step tutorial for gorgeous look consists of complete tutorials for pastel face, pastel eyes, pastel lips makeover steps, tips & ideas!

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For Green and Hazel Eyes - Silvers & Purples eye make up. Too bad I'm too lazy to do something like this for anything other than a special occasion. I have green eyes. But brown works so much better for me but I will give this a try sometime

Entire Disney Make-up Collection... this chick is INSANE!

This is ridiculously impressive makeup. Disney art entirely on her eyelids! Entire Disney Make-up Collection. So Far by KatieAlves on deviantART

Top 10 Colors For Blue Eyes Makeup ❤ liked on Polyvore featuring beauty products, makeup and eye makeup

If you are looking for a way to make your blue eyes pop, this is the right thing for you. They are so many tips out there on how to make your blue eyes stand o…

Make up powiększający oczy

Makeup look for "Hooded Eyes". Hooded eyes, as well as mono-lids, and eyes with "abundant" skin, or Even aging eyes, can be difficult to a.

Image result for fantasy makeup in neutral tones

Image result for fantasy makeup in neutral tones

Brown, and Shimmer Gold smokey eye Inner corner and middle eyelid Purple Sparkle, Purple under eye shadow  #Everyday #Experienced #Classy  #Neutral w/ a pop

What Color Eyeshadow Looks Best With Green Eyes so try these Slate grey, Smoky, Purple, Monochromatic and Complementary Eye Shadows if you have green eyes and make them more attractive.