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Mr. Feeny is the wisest man on planet earth

18 Things We Learned From "Boy Meets World"

The infamous Boy Meets World TV series principal, Mr. George Feeny is portrayed by Daniels. Feeny helps his students pretty much survive their high school years. MORE PHOTOS: Where are TV stars now?


With you, I am home. With you, I feel safe. With you, I am whole. With you, I am loved. You are my family.

Sometimes on the way to a dream

Dream, Way. Sometimes on the way to the dream you get lost and find a better one. > Dream Quotes with Pictures.


only chase drinks and dreams♥ fucking true! I'm not chasing anything but my drinks and dreams

One Tree Hill submitted by sassyquach

Ours did used to be our favorite until you went and changed your mind :-/

This wall decal reads: Every love story is beautiful, but ours is my favorite. Makes a perfect wedding gift! { THIS LISTING INCLUDES } "Every love story." Vinyl Wall Decal - Measures wide by tall

Reminds me of the quote by Buddha: "When someone offers you the gift of anger, don't accept it." :)

Dear Stress, Let’s Break Up! An Open Letter To Stress. Who else wants to break up with Stress? Sign this letter by clicking Pin it

love me. ♥

"He asked me earlier in the summer to marry him, then he promptly forgot about it [Scout]." (Lee Loss of innocence: Scout's bestfriend/ "husband to be" that she was so excited about coming chose her brother instead of her

<a href="http://paragraphstolove.tumblr.com/post/16833000210/even-in-our-weird-information-saturated-world">

“Even in our weird information-saturated world, there’s so much we don’t, and can’t, know, even about something as mundane as a company.

believe it when people tell you youre beautiful even if you cannot yet see that its true, words, quotes


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