By Kilian Eng

Check out the work of Kilian Eng, an inspirational Stockholm-based illustrator who specializes in fantastic retro/sci-fi futurism illustrations.

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New Works by Kilian Eng – 80s cartoon-esque images

New Works by Kilian Eng

Drawings by Virgil Finlay   illustration, drawing, pulp fantasy, science fiction, horror

Drawings by Virgil Finlay - octopus illustration, drawing, pulp fantasy, science fiction, horror

Moebius  - Montrouge Mystery 2001 Illustration 17 Stardom Editions

Jean Giraud 1938 - Giraud garnered worldwide acclaim predominantly under the pseudonym Mœbius

Kilian Eng, Recent Work. Recent work by the always... - Supersonic Art

Swedish illustrator Kilian Eng creates vibrant, hyperdetailed works that hint at fictional worlds. These futurescapes, often in ruins, contain mysterious narratives, allowing the reader to come up …

Kilian Eng. Stockholm, Sweden-based illustrator.

Kilian Eng

Kilian-Eng - Retro Futuristic

Sci-Fi Psychedelic Artwork - This Kilian Eng artwork is at once sublime and transcendental.

KILIAN ENG's Far-Off World Funkiness - Beautiful/Decay Artist & Design

Circle – Kilian Eng – Illustrators & Artists Agents – Début Art in Made By Hands